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Official Control? Possible uncomfortable questions to you? You don’t need not be present personally, we represent you and your business interests before the authorities! Check out our further services!

It is recommended to consult a professional to entrust the preparation of tax returns, thanks to the the complex and in addition frequently changing tax rules.

Most of the company ‘must have’ accounting policies.

We undertake the necessary reporting to the various authorities (eg Environmental Protection Agency)

If necessary, we lead the stock records.

If necessary, we write bills professionally, you need only to sign and stamp.

Do you have already bookkeeper, but you want an other professional for payroll, then choose Les Ildzsas Consulting.

The due diligence main information sources: the Company’s financial statements and the industry benchmark data

Are You swept away by the tsunami data requested by the bank? Our operator will help to supply them with all the requested information and nothing will distract your attention.

Set up your company in hungary

Quality service according to customer requirements. After the dates of the legal entity are fixed, we prepare the company documentations. After the signiture of the papers and the payment of labour and official fee, we upload electronically the documents to the company court system. The company court gives soon the taxnumber after the submission of the documents and registered payment of governmental fee. Shortly after the arrival of taxnumber the legal entity is registered.

We offering address for legal entity in the suburb of Budapest.

Buying and selling property always requires special attention, choose o rexpert lawyer to buy exatly what you plan or to sell what you don’t want to have anymore.

Swap contracts, donation contracts, lease agreements, mortgage agreements, joint ownership terminating contrats Editing and opinion on contracts.

Modification is needed in the company documents when essential datas are changed (Member, Managing director address, company name, registered office, location, branch manager, main activities, supervisory board members, auditors); In case of changes in the ownership structure (transfer of business share, property deposit transfer) and when there is change int he ammount of share capital.

A person or company who take over the post letters and official letters too. For foreigners delivery agent is obligatory.

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